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Substance Abuse in Indiana

This state has its share of drug problems, with users of meth, cocaine and marijuana making up a large amount of the demand in the state. Traffickers also use the roads and airlines located in the state to distribute and traffic their products. The more you understand about what substances are currently widely being abused in the state of Indiana, the better able you will be to make educated decisions about stopping substance abuse from happening.

  • Cocaine: Powder cocaine is widely available throughout the state of Indiana. The use of crack cocaine is mainly centered within the urban areas of the state.
  • Heroin: Most of the heroin users in the state are people that are in their late teens through their early twenties. Heroin is not easily available in the state.
  • Meth: Meth use and production is growing each year in Indiana, with much of the users being supplied by small time producers that handle personal use and a few customers.
  • Club Drugs: Club drugs such as Ecstasy, LSD, GHB or Ketamine are not used in significant amounts within the state and the use of these drugs has not seen an increase.
  • Marijuana: Marijuana abuse makes up a large part of Indiana's illegal drug problem. Local growers using indoor and outdoor cultivation sites handle a good amount of the marijuana that is sold within the state.


Substance Abuse Statistics

One of the best ways for people to understand substance abuse in a state is to look at statistics. These are cold hard facts that present evidence about the substance abuse problem that a state is facing. These statistics are collected by Indiana treatment centers based on their admissions, and then sent to the state that can process the information and make policies and procedures accordingly. Indiana is cracking down on substance abuse in an attempt to eradicate the problem entirely.

  • According to statistics from Indiana treatment centers, 67.4 percent of admissions are by men and 32.6 percent of admissions are by women.
  • According to statistics from Indiana treatment centers, 28 percent of all admissions are related to alcohol use on its own while another 25.1 percent of admissions involve the combination of alcohol abuse with the abuse of another drug.
  • According to statistics from Indiana treatment centers, 11.8 percent of admissions involve smoked cocaine while an additional 2.9 percent of admissions relate to cocaine taken in other forms.
  • According to statistics from Indiana treatment centers, 18.4 percent of all admissions involve the use of marijuana. 4.9 percent of admissions have to do with heroin. Finally, 1.7 percent of admissions have to do with methamphetamine.
  • According to statistics from Indiana treatment centers, the most common age groups of admission range between 21 and 45 years of age. The age groups of 21 to 25, 26 to 30, 31 to 35, 36 to 40 and 41 to 45 all make up between 13 and 17 percent of admissions.

Detox and Withdrawal: Vital Steps to Addiction Recovery

People addicted to substance abuse are not only unhealthy, but they are typically very unhappy as well. In fact, it is this very unhappiness that accounts for many cases of substance abuse. When someone is deeply sad or depressed, the psychological pain can be unbearable. To manage this horrible, bereft feeling, many people turn to such things as uppers, downers, mood enhancers and alcohol to make them feel better. They donít care whether the substances are cheering them up or just numbing them. As long as it takes the bad feelings away, that is all that matters. It is the same with physical chronic pain from an injury that requires pain medication. Anything that the body starts to demand on a regular basis can create an addict.

The first thing that addicts must do in order to start recovering is to admit to themselves that they have a problem. Many addicts can do this, but only the serious ones will take that admission and go forward with it. Other addicts can admit that they have a problem, but they are not strong enough to follow through with getting any sort of help for it. Therefore, it is likely that these are the addicts that need help most of all, but will probably not get it unless they get caught up in a life threatening situation.

As for those addicts that do look for help, they usually choose a good rehabilitation facility where they know that they will be cared for professionally while they work through their substance abuse issues. These centers or clinics have a staff of professionals that are trained in helping addicts reclaim their lives. They are the people that sit with addicts as they go through detoxification and the withdrawal symptoms that can go along with that. Detoxing the body can throw it into a type of shock as the poisons are cleansed from the system. This shock produces withdrawal symptoms that can go from mild to fatal. Thatís why medical professionals need to be present in case any life saving measures are needed.

The second phase of treating addiction is the psychological aspect where the patients are walked through what the cause of their addictions is. Treatment is done psychologically, emotionally and mentally to get to the heart of the problem. Once the reason for the addiction comes out, the road to recovery becomes that much easier to travel.

Treating Substance Abuse

There are many different options and opportunities for substance abuse assistance when it comes to Indiana treatment centers. What this means is that you cannot simply choose the first treatment center that you find. Instead, what you have to do is some comparison shopping and basic looking around to find out what Indiana treatment centers exist so that you can make the right choice for you. Here are some considerations that you are going to want to make:  

  • Do you want an inpatient program or an outpatient program? Indiana drug treatment centers offer both types of programs in most cases. Do you want to put your life on hold and focus entirely on your recovery, or do you have obligations in your life that you cannot put on hold? Let questions like this determine the right Indiana treatment centers to meet your needs.
  • Are you looking for a long term or a short term treatment program? Some Indiana treatment centers offer specific length programs while others allow you to stay in the program and recover for as long as you need. Make sure that you consider the length of stay when choosing treatment facilities in Indiana.
  • Are there specific treatment options that you seek? If you want rapid detox, medically assisted detox, a specific type of counseling or therapy or some other consideration, then make sure the treatment programs in Indiana that you consider are going to include it. Do not waste your time on treatment programs that are not providing the specific solutions that you are looking to take advantage of during your recovery. The right detox and counseling are going to go far in helping you achieve your recovery goals.


Indiana Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Opportunities

With so many different opportunities available to you in terms of Indiana treatment centers, it should make sense to you why you need to shop around and really consider what your options are. There is no single one size fits all solution to overcoming a substance abuse problem. Instead, the best thing that you can do is to find a match between what Indiana treatment centers are offering, and the specific needs that you have for your recovery.

Locating treatment centers in Indiana that meet your needs does not have to be difficult. You will have to devote some time and effort to the process, however. This is your substance abuse recovery we are talking about. Take it seriously and pledge yourself to finding the best possible recovery options so that the help you get will take your problem just as seriously as you do. The right Indiana treatment programs are going to tailor themselves to your specific needs so that you can really and truly get the help and the support that you need in order to recover.

There is no more time to waste. Now is the time for you to begin getting help for your substance abuse problem and Indiana treatment facilities can help. When you are ready to admit that you are struggling with substance abuse and that you need help for the problem, then that is when you will truly be able to find answers for the problems that you are facing. Pick up the phone today and start looking at the options and opportunities that are laid out for you. The more time and effort that you put into recovering, the better the results will be when you do finally find the right Indiana treatment center and begin taking advantage of everything that it has to offer you.

Call 1-888-565-6401 for addiction help and recovery assistance in Indiana 24 hours a day.

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